The Network for Swedish Industrial Municipalities is an association with the aim of strengthening industrial municipalities.

In collaboration the organisation shall develop and follow clear action strategies to strengthening Swedish industry, both regionally, nationally and internationally. This is done through confidence-building meetings where the industrial climate is carefully reviewed / analyzed and where new ideas can emerge. Meetings between member municipalities take place twice a year.

The network aims to create good conditions for local industries and municipalities by running an active network and being an active lobbying organization. The industrial municipalities should participate in the work of setting concrete goals for Swedish industry and develop action-strategies for how the goals will be achieved. Within the responsibility of the own organization, the network shall work to achieve the goals with the action strategies as guidance.

The network’s composition of member municipalities should represent a wide range of industry profiles and different industries. Political leadership is important. A geographical composition among the members is a goal. The commitment of members and the willingness to work with industrial renewal is important.

For the moment there are 21 members in the network and the goal is 25 members.

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